Glad I Checked… Shame On Other Christian Sites

by Hope Wingo

Earlier this morning I posted a video called Ex-Witch Reveals How the Occult Is Affecting Your Life Every Day which I’ve since deleted. I found this posted on two other Christian websites this week, so after watching the video myself, I also posted it for others to see. Later, I decided to go to the woman’s website to get a little more information on her. Immediately, I ran into one of her articles that mentioned that she and her husband went from church to church during the week so they could “soak” in worship music… that was an immediate red flag to me.

When I visited her YouTube channel called The Other Side of Darkness, I was not surprised to find that her doctrine had been influenced by the New Apostolic Reformation. The very first video that I noticed was called Human Spirits, Astral Travel, and Witchcraft. I clicked on it because Astral Projection had been part of the deception that I had been taught, so I wanted to see what she had to say about it. Within the first five minutes of her video (2:30 – 4:22), she stated:

Our souls are attached to our physical being with a silver cord, and so because of the silver cord, our soul is able to leave our body and travel around and still be connected so we wouldn’t die… because if our cord was cut, then we would actually die because our soul would have no connection to our body anymore… so Astral Travel is basically Satan’s counterfeit of Spirit Travel, which has been talked about in the Bible, when in Revelation, John was able to go up into the Throne Room of Heaven and be with God and see the Lamb, Jesus, and the angels worshiping, and the elders on the thrones, and all of that. His actual spirit was able to leave his body safely and be with God. …and, also, Paul the Apostle talks about that in the New Testament when he tells the story of how he also went up to Throne Room of God, or the Third Heaven, I believe, as he calls it. …and that is totally of God… that is a good thing! …and people can actually do that! It’s not something that is special just for these incidences in the Bible. Those are examples of what has happened to other people and can happen to us when our spirit can go into the Throne Room of God while we are alive and here on earth! It is absolutely an amazing thing!”

I would like to remind this young lady that when John visited the Throne Room of God, he was in the process of writing the Book of Revelation. When Paul visited the Third Heaven, he was given a “thorn in his flesh” for the rest of his life because of it, and he was strictly forbidden to talk about the things that he had seen. This is not an acceptable practice for Christians. We live by faith… not by spiritual experiences. We do not leave our bodies. We are filled with the Spirit… we don’t go to visit the Spirit.

Although I truly believe that this woman is sincere, I know that she has been misled, and I’m guessing it’s because of her history.  Satan often targets those with a background of spiritual practices because he knows that they are used to those things; hence, when deception is twisted as truth, their past has already conditioned them to accept it as an alternative.  Evidently, this woman has been deceived into believing that astral travel and spirit travel are opposites.  They are not.  Both come from the same demonic source.   Since there is no biblical thing called spirit travel, it is obvious that she has been taught a lie.

Please know that I did not write this to condemn this woman. Actually, I pray that she will be led to the truth of a genuine relationship in Jesus… and I write this with tears.

Let this be a reminder to all of us…. Please, please check the doctrine of any person (including mine) that teaches the things of God against what the Bible actually says. Don’t take anything for granted.  Writers may be sincere; but they may also be sincerely deceived. Sincerity is not holiness, nor is it godliness. This is a perfect example of why we should keep our eyes open! If I had left that post on my site as an acceptable witness to Christ, and others had followed the links with my blessing, they would have eventually clicked on a doctrine of demons. Be a Berean and check everything! That’s advice that I’ll also take to heart!


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One Response to Glad I Checked… Shame On Other Christian Sites

  1. Tom says:

    Thank you. Yes, there’s a lot of error and deception out there. The farther people get away from the Word and begin trusting in their own experiences the more open they become to deception.

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