Evil Escorted 50 Into Eternity This Morning

by Hope Wingo

This morning I heard a report that 50 people were killed and another 50 were wounded during a slaughter at a bar in Orlando. It was said that people began to pray as the massacre began.

The scene that was described made me think of how the vast majority of people choose to live for themselves.  The consequences of their actions only enter their mind after the bullets begin to fly. Or perhaps, they’ve heard the warnings many times over, but in their arrogance they have chosen to ignore the warnings… as if the fate of an untimely death could never happen to them.

I’m hoping that this will be a wake-up call to everyone that reads this article. Those people did not expect to be slaughtered this morning. Evil has increased and it will get worse. Our world has changed… In its prime, the Greatest Generation could not have fathomed this kind of thing. Fifty years later, it is just part of the world that we live in, and this same fate could literally happen to any one of us at any time, and for any reason.

My plea today is for an old-fashioned call to repentance.

God’s ways are not grievous. They do not restrict us. When Jesus comes into our life, His Holy Spirit in us makes us want to be clean. We want to please Him. We want to be holy. It isn’t that we can’t do certain things… it’s that we don’t want to do them anymore. Jesus makes us clean… inside and out. Our thoughts are clean, our bodies are clean, and our actions are clean. We become like Him! Yes, we still make a lot of mistakes because we’re still under the curse of Adam’s sin, but His Spirit in us makes us a new person, so when we do sin, we’re quick to ask for forgiveness because we don’t want to carry that burden of guilt within us.

Some of my readers have heard this message many times, but soon the Rapture of the Church will occur and we will no longer be here to encourage you. Unspeakable evil will prevail. I beg you to listen to this message and repent while you still have time. God loves you and wants you to be with Him forever, but He cannot allow sinful man to enter into His Holy Presence on their own terms. It is only through the blood of Jesus that we are made acceptable to God. There is no other way… period!

We’ve just witnessed that a tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. Eternity caught many off guard this morning.  I could be next.  So could you.  If you are a Christian you should be looking for the return of Jesus. With clean hearts, you should be ready to leave this earth at any given moment. If you are not a Christian, your fate remains to be determined…

You have heard this message. Now, it is up to you. This is how to be saved.

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One Response to Evil Escorted 50 Into Eternity This Morning

  1. Ham R. says:

    Very well spoken, my friend. I pray that all people really sit back and think. “What is my destination beyond this life”. Because our spirit/soul is eternal. There are only two destinations from what I’ve learned. Where do you what to spend eternity folks.? I pray that whoever reads this,and is not sure at this point,chooses wisely. >


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