Why Study Bible Prophecy?

Hope’s note: I agree 100% with the following article.  Knowing that our time is limited makes all the difference when it comes to my Tract Ministry.

by Darrell G. Young of FocusOnJerusalem.com

I cannot think of anything that emphasizes and promotes the urgent need of spreading the good news of the Gospel more than possessing a keen knowledge of Bible prophecy. In our modern church world, we like to rely on special programs and worship techniques, or religious celebrities to promote evangelism, but properly utilized nothing can spawn evangelism like spiritual adeptness in Bible prophecy. Prophecy allows the Christian to foreknow that the age of Grace will soon elapse, and that the allotted time for the Church to minister in this world is drawing to a close…

Source: Why Study Bible Prophecy?

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4 Responses to Why Study Bible Prophecy?

  1. Tom says:

    Hope, yes I understand why some Christians enjoy digging into eschatology, but I only have a general interest. I hope you don’t think my post on Whisenant was directed at you. Many fundamentalists and evangelicals were convinced the countdown to Tribulation began in 1948 when the modern nation of Israel was born. Believers used Matthew 24:32-34 as the proof text that the Rapture would take place and the Tribulation would start before the generation that founded the new Israel passed away. That interpretation was widely disseminated back in the 80s. But that generation is now gone. The interpretation was incorrect. So I’m apt to be neutral if someone writes about sure signs of prophetic fulfillment. Now, I would agree wholeheartedly that we seem to be accelerating towards some type of cataclysmic event. I just hesitate to hang my hat on any specific signs because of what I experienced in the 80s.

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  2. kenzelsfire says:

    I first read the Book of Revelation in ~’07/08? I continue to go back and reread it…I finally understand why the open chapter mentions why those who read it will be blessed.
    – Kenzel

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