The Apostolic Evangelism


When Jeremiah was saying that a person’s dream was causing people to forget God’s Name, he was saying that these dreams were causing people to forget who God really was – His worth, His personality, His image, His mighty deeds, His likes and dislikes. False dreams were causing people to forget everything about Him! Instead, they were forgetting God’s “Name” and were replacing it with Baal’s “name.” – Kevin Kleint, Prophetic Masquerade

False dreams are very dangerous. In the charismatic circles I grew up in, I often found people—myself included at times—which were so vaulted up in spiritual pride that they did not believe they could be deceived by false dreams, lying signs and wonders, or false teaching. So they believed that they didn’t need to practice discernment. To many of these charismatics, the gift of “discernment” was merely used to identify what “spirit” someone had—the “religious spirit,” the “Jezebel…

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