How Is the Godless West Working Out?


screenshot_2016-09-25-21-21-38011by Dennis Prager

There are many recent developments in the godless West. To name a few:
-The Supreme Court of Italy last week ruled that public masturbation is legal (except in front of minors).
-The New York City Council voted in May that public urination is not a criminal act.
-The San Francisco City Council decided, by one vote, to continue the city’s ban on public nudity — not, of course, on the grounds of “decency” but on the grounds of public health.
Since that can easily be resolved by use of a towel on public benches and chairs, it is only a matter of time, probably a couple of years, before people will be permitted to walk around naked in San Francisco…

Source: How Is the Godless West Working Out?

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4 Responses to How Is the Godless West Working Out?

  1. Scarlett says:

    I live in a very occult city. I believe there’s a reason the Lord put me here, but sometimes I feel like Lot, vexed by the filthy conversation of the wicked.
    My neighbor is a case in point. Knowing that I am a Christian, she angrily told me she didn’t need a Lord and Savior. She wears a T shirt that says she is her own Creator. She’s just one of many like minded. There are Buddhist prayer flags all over town, including in my neighborhood. When she put hers up when she moved in, I had to sit on my porch and look at these abominations blowing in the wind. I prayed the Lord would at least take these down so I wouldn’t have to look at them anymore and within weeks they were gone. Thank you Jesus! I pray for her and others here as well as the whole city. You never know when later, she and they may find the Truth in Christ.
    But your post is right on target. It will get worse and worse in direct proportion to the evil the United States commits in their rebellion against the Holy One. The tipping point is already in place.
    Judgement will come and it will not be pretty. But we will stand, no matter what.
    Daniel 12:3
    “Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever”

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  2. Hope Wingo says:

    I understand the “vexed” part as we find ourselves sighing over the never-ending attacks on all things that are clean, moral, righteous, or holy. It sure has gotten crazy lately. Helps to keep each other encouraged these days, doesn’t it. Surely it won’t be much longer before Jesus returns for His (weary) Bride.


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