The seven day theory or seven thousand years from creation theory

Hope’s note:  I believe that this interpretation of God’s timeline is very accurate because it agrees with the “this generation shall not pass” prophecy spoken by Jesus in Matthew 24.  Although we cannot know the precise day of Jesus’ return, He told us to look for the signs that would mark the season (or era) of His appearing.  Those signs are now in our every day news headlines.

by Don Koenig

The seven day model of creation leads many to believe that there will be a millennial week of seven days (seven thousand years) from Adam until the end of the seventh millennial reign that exists under the rule of Jesus Christ.

The earth was created in six days according to the scripture. There are two places in scripture that say a day with the Lord is as a thousand years. Scripture also says that there still remains a day of rest for God’s people. Further, we have been told that God rested on the seventh day and likewise He promised a day of rest for His people. This rest will occur under the rule of Jesus when He returns and sets up the promised kingdom on earth for one thousand years. We are told six times in Revelation that this reign on earth will last a thousand years.

After the thousand years Jesus will offer up the kingdom to the Father and Satan will be released out of his prison to deceive the world one last time. Satan will then be cast into the Lake of Fire and a new heaven and earth without sin, death or the curse will be created for man to dwell in for eternity. The seven day theory is based on this thousand year week model that has 7000 years from creation or from Adam until creation goes into eternity (some believers say 7000 years from creation and others say 7000 years from Adam)…

Source: The Prophetic Years

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