Are Catholic street evangelizers giving out good news or very bad news?

Hope’s note: Excellent article, Tom! Thank you! This helps those of us who were not raised as Catholics to understand more of the unbiblical doctrine that they believe, practice, and teach.


The American Catholic church put very little effort into evangelization until recent years.spse The thinking was that new members were constantly being added to the church anyway as infants were born into Catholic families, but with the number of practicing Catholics declining in the U.S., mainly because of the indifference of its own membership, the church is beginning to make evangelization a priority.

One church-sponsored evangelization organization is St. Paul’s Street Evangelization, which started in Portland, Oregon and now has over 100 teams worldwide. Members gather in public places and hand out pamphlets, rosaries, and religious medals bearing the image of the “blessed virgin,” Mary. The team here in Rochester N.Y regularly meets at the downtown Public Market on Saturdays.

Members of SPSE say they’re giving out the Good News!, but let’s examine just how “good” the SPSE’s news is with this hypothetical street exchange between an SPSE member and…

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