Deception In Worship

by Hope Wingo

This is one of the best examples that I have ever found of the deception that is being embedded into today’s contemporary Christian worship music.

Christian internet sites have gone crazy over this performance and are praising this worship leader, Christian Cuevas, as the one who turned NBC’s The Voice talent competition into a worship service.

What I saw was anything but that…

During this performance, the crowd is emotionally charged as they are led into “worship” by this dynamic entertainer… and he’s good! Really, really good!  Christian Cuevas poured his heart and soul into his performance. With raised hands and a cry in his voice, he worked up the audience and jerked tears from the crowd (and from himself) as only few can do.

What a show!  It was awesome!  It was emotional!  It was WORSHIP!!!

But… who (or what) was the object of his worship? Let’s break this performance down a little and take a closer look.  It’s called discernment.  It’s what Bereans do.

First of all, the backup entertainers were just that… entertainers. All dressed in white, they performed their dance routine professionally, and impersonated the best of contemporary worship services.  They looked exactly like a worship service that you might find in any of today’s mega-churches.

Now, let’s take a look at the lyrics to this song called “To Worship You I Live” by Israel and New Breed:

Away away from the noise
alone with you
away away to hear your voice
and meet with you
nothing else matters my one desire is

To worship you I live
to worship you I live I live to worship you
To worship you I live
to worship you I live I live to worship you

Notice anything wrong with these “worship” lyrics?  To “get away from the noise so you can hear the voice” smacks of Contemplative Spirituality. This is the Emergent nonsense that has crept in and invaded our churches. It endorses the silence of eastern mysticism’s contemplative prayer, and is the exact opposite message of the crucified Christ.

So, who exactly is this worship leader worshiping?  According to the lyrics, it is clear that he is giving glory to the one that meets with him and to the voice that he hears during the silent sessions; away from the noise.

This is not Christianity, folks. It is New Age mysticism.  It is dangerous.

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2 Responses to Deception In Worship

  1. STLloyd says:

    Yup, and it’s the same standard “7-11 type recipe”, a seven word phrase, repeated eleven times, hypnotic in repetition, hypnotic and daze-inducing in the music. Totally prepping the masses for the Antichrist. Besides that, they’re all gathered around the singer, all facing him, as if exalting him worshiping him.. But you’re right, this is what goes on in churches and most people who attend the churches that do this, will sit there in front of their television and say, “oh, wow, look at them glorifying God right there on national television!” No. No they are not glorifying God. They are glorifying themselves, the singer, the industry, fame, stardom, mammon.

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    • I noticed that, too, that all of his “congregation” seemed to be directing their raised hands toward him as if their worship was aimed at him, but I didn’t quite know what to make of it. There’s something very weird about that part. It reminds me of the Gotthard base tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland a few months ago.


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