Preliminary to Armeggedon…Paris Jan 15

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An event is occurring today which portends to be one of the last preliminaries to the shattering events outlined in the book of Revelation, and the end of the world as we know it. The event is the opening of a new Embassy, the Palestinian Embassy in Vatican City. This will be the opening of the first Palestinian  Embassy in the European Union.

The main characters in this scenario are Pope Francis and Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian State and the Vatican.

Mahmoud Abbas is the recognized President of the Palestinian State.  The State has been designated by The U.N. and is to be located in the place which the God of the Bible gave land to Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, notably Judea and the Gaza strip.

Abbas , though celebrated as a World Leader and a champion of the Palestinian cause, is actually a terrorist who planned the 1972 slaughter of…

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One Response to Preliminary to Armeggedon…Paris Jan 15

  1. Tom says:

    Hope, Thanks for this post. The future implications of the Vatican recognizing Palestine with an embassy will probably be much more important than we realize. By the way, I never knew the origin of the word, “Vatican,” before this.

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