by Hope Wingo

I shop for groceries at a little store called Save-A-Lot.  They’ve got cheap prices, and since the store is smaller in size than the more well-known chains, it usually isn’t crowded.

Throughout the months, I’ve distributed Christian tracts to customers in their parking lot, as well as to their employees.

Today I finally understood the impact of my little parking lot ministry, and it tickled me pink to know that people now associate me with it.

I overheard one employee telling another, “We get Saved-A-Lot here”.

Although the comment was meant to be slander, it made my day!

My thoughts?

Mock on ladies, mock on… but please know that you’re part of the end-time prophecy that specifically says that there will be scoffers and mockers.

…and when millions of people around the globe disappear into thin air (referenced in the tract that I gave you), there will be no need to look for me. Trust me… I’ll be gone, too.

Why? Because I was also Saved-A-Lot from the wrath to come that I tried so desperately to warn you about.

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5 Responses to Saved-A-Lot

  1. They will remember you and your tracts. I’m sure of it. I hope they repent and accept Jesus before the rapture, but if not….they will remember. If only for a moment. You may be sowing seeds that take longer to harvest. Bless you.

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  2. Amen, Hope! While many people may scoff at your ministry, I’m sure there are those who will receive the tracts from you. They may not read them right then, but at some point in their greatest hour of need they will take out the tract and read it and believe on God’s only begotten Son. God’s Word will not return void. Continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to lay up treasures in Heaven.


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