Bashing the Brethren

Hope’s note: Guilty as charged! From time to time I’ve been guilty of bashing the brethren in my zeal to expose the rampant apostasy in today’s churches. A blogger friend recently reminded me that the Bible instructs us to “work out our own salvation”, not somebody else’s, and that sometimes we just need to step back a little. Thank you, Jordan, for this related article and needed reminder.

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One Response to Bashing the Brethren

  1. Tom says:

    Hope, I agree and disagree with this post. I think that those of us who are trying to defend right doctrine can become a bit venomous and begin to lose our love for the brethren. At the same time, the New Testament epistles repeatedly warn of false teachers coming into fold, especially the Judaizers at that time. Yes, we must balance truth with grace but the biggest reason why we have so many Osteens and Warrens today is because doctrinally sound pastors and others kept quiet. I have serious doubts whether Osteen is even one of the brethren and yet he’s the most popular pastor in America today.

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