Demonic Divide

Terry James Prophecy Line

Dark, spiritual forces in high places are at work. There is no groundbreaking revelation in that statement regarding life in this nation and the world today. However, the true nature of the demonic delusion being foisted upon us is something even the most biblically mature among us will continue to miss─I’m convinced─if spiritual antennae aren’t properly attuned.

Additionally, it is time, like no other time before, to put on the whole armor as outlined by the apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:12-18. Even more profound than the political insanity of the lunatic left that splits America, I perceive a most troubling schism developing amongst the brethren. I refer to those who watch –like the Lord commanded (Mark 13: 37) — end-times developments in what many believe are the closing hours of the Church Age.

Reports, leading up to this presidential election, came at us on an increasingly regular basis of behind-the-scenes…

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