Good vs. Evil

Hope’s note:  Once in a while we run into an article that speaks so deeply that we find ourselves reading it over and over.  This is one of those articles.

Serve Him in the Waiting

Who doesn’t love a nice “good versus evil” story?  Everyone can get behind the good guy in those kind of stories, because we relate to him.  We want to see good prevail.  The problem with the good vs. evil paradigm, is this; it’s a sham.  It is a sham because we think we know what good is, and we don’t.

Everywhere I look in my own life, among my own friends, Christians are struggling with strain in their marriages, with kids making bad choices, with discouragement and depression, with fears and stress.

The Bible says that no one is good.  That our righteousness is as filthy rags.  That one statement right there is sufficient to lay to rest any misguided notion that we “keep” our own salvation by our works and effort.  Even after we are saved, OUR “righteousness” is still nothing more than filthy rags.  God isn’t in the…

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