Double Time

by Pete Garcia

The three most dreaded words in the Army are, double time, March! For those not familiar with military drill and ceremony commands, this just means start running. Military folk has a far greater appreciation for and sensitivity to time in a way that most civilians cannot fully appreciate. For instance, if you’re not ten minutes early to an event, you’re late. If you have a formation at 0600 (depending on the level of formation-Division, Brigade, Battalion, Company) that really means you have to be there at 0530 (at the latest). Deployments? I think we invented the phrase “hurry up and wait.”

Operationally speaking, success or failure is measured in successfully executing whatever it is you’re doing at approximately T-Hour +/- 30 seconds. This becomes especially critical for those of us in MEDEVAC where we would get a mission over a radio, get dressed, get the mission briefing details, and get the aircraft ready, and launch within 15 minutes (or less)…at any time, day or night.

But I think the most significant differential between military and civilians, centers around lost time. If deployments have instilled anything in me in relation to time, it is to take advantage of the time you have with those you love. With your progeny, you will leave them as babies and come back to find toddlers. If you leave them as toddlers, you come back to kids. Leave them as kids, and you come back to tweens. Time tends to go by very fast when you’re leaving every other year.


But our God is the God of time. God created time when He put the firmament in place for man to use. (Gen. 1:14) Even more so, is the reality that because He created time, He is outside of the time-space continuum. Being outside of time, or rather, not constrained by it, means that He can see the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:9-10) and already knows how this all plays out. Thus, when Jesus predicted the Temple would be destroyed (Matt. 23:37-24:3), He had already seen it happen and thus could declare with absolute certainty of its impending destruction. Of particular interest in His discourse on the Mt. of Olives, is the Parable of the Fig Tree. In this He says…

“Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. (Matt. 24:32)

Numerous allusions and examples in both the Old and New Testament have alluded to the nation of Israel, as a fig tree…

Source: The Omega Letter

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