American Christianity: So Easy Anyone Can Do It


When is the last time you got your hands dirty for Christ?

I’m not talking about your ecumenical volunteer work, or punching in your PIN at the ATM to give money to African orphans as though that excuses you from selling out for Christ. I’m talking about uncomfortable, undeniable, unadulterated gospel living that risks something.

Consider one of these:

  • Giving a clear gospel presentation to people you know are unsaved, unchurched
  • Going out of your comfort zone on purpose to further the gospel
  • Putting more energy into furthering the gospel than your hobbies
  • Telling someone the truth instead of staying silent
  • Refusing to gossip and explaining why at the risk of being shunned by those who do
  • Risking relationships for the gospel
  • Risking your health for the gospel
  • Risking your wealth for the gospel
  • Risking your life for the gospel

Has it been 3 days? 30 days? 30 years? Ever?

American Christians…

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