BREAKING NEWS: Abbas Agrees To Sign “Peace Deal” with Israel!

Hope’s note: Hearing that the Jewish settlements will be allowed to remain in the West Bank lines up perfectly with Bible prophecy. We know that Matthew 24:16 tells the Jews in Judea (currently called the West Bank) to run for their lives when they see the Antichrist defile the Third Temple by proclaiming himself to be God. If the Jews were to be expelled now, as part of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, there would be no need for them to flee that same area during the Tribulation period.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has crossed the Rubicon and voiced “unprecedented” readiness to reach a peace deal with Israel, sources close…

Source: BREAKING NEWS: Abbas Agrees To Sign “Peace Deal” with Israel!

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2 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Abbas Agrees To Sign “Peace Deal” with Israel!

  1. Hope says:

    Remember, “this generation shall not pass”. Things are happening quickly now. I have a feeling that President Trump (and Kushner) are going to slip the rebuilt temple in as part of this agreement. He’s already said that they are looking at things in a different way. Even so, the instruments are prepared, the priests have been trained in their duties, and a High Priest has already been selected. I am convinced that it will happen quickly… very quickly. Jesus didn’t give us the signs so we could discredit them. That’s exactly what happened the first time around.


  2. Hope says:

    Oh, and just for the record, I think that the title of this post was WAY over-sensationalized. 🙂

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