Is God About to do Something New?

By C. H. Fisher

The following 700 Club post appeared in my news feed, “God Is About To Do Something New.” I do not follow 700 Club or watch any of their programming. Usually I ignore posts by people and groups that I don’t follow. However, I responded to their claim with, “God is not about to do anything new. Anyone who believes that He is has their spirits wide open for diabolical deception.”

It’s not the first time I have heard that false prophesy. It is a prophesy of Isaiah who wrote as God spoke through him to apostate Israel. Anyone who utters those words today, and to the entirety of Christianity, has prophesied a major prophesy. However, it is a major false prophesy because the prophetic structure of the New Testament does not sustain it.

Here is truth. Everything new that occurs during the final great deception and apostasy is of Satan. The nature of the apostasy is people departing from the faith and everything it encompasses. Thus, they no longer walk in the path that God has set forth and have forsaken all of the ancient elements of His truth. Why would God do a “something new” when the great majority of professing Christians haven’t even experienced every thing old to the maximum?

However, Satan is doing plenty of new things…

Source: Truth Keepers

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