Communion With God

Reasoned Cases for Christ


There is, within the heart of man or woman, who have truly asked Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour, a need to commune with God, at a deep personal level. It’s what makes us aware of the lack of this communion, or the sense that God is distant.  It’s also what draws us into a closer relationship with God. I’m often reminded of those little robot circular vacuums that go around your home, cleaning and then going back to their home base. God is our home base, communion with God is where we get our spiritual batteries recharged, it’s where we feel at home, where our peace resides, deep inside. We’ve been designed to work this way,  Jesus is our source of Life, as the Father has ordained.

The Bible mentions the human heart almost 300 times. In essence, this is what it says: the heart is…

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