Is it Always God’s Will to Heal?


Jesus is getting a lot of really confusing press when it comes to physical healing these days. This post will answer one of the biggest questions that arises from all of the confusion.

As of right now, miraculous healing is one of the most popular subjects inside and outside the church. Preachers are preaching it, televangelists are guaranteeing, desperate people need it – it’s a healing-hungry world out there.

Recently, I was on a camping trip with my family and thought I was free and clear of any healing ministry enthusiasts. That first night a man walked up to my campsite out of the blue, introduced himself, and proceeded to spend 2 hours telling me about his divine healing ministry. The crescendo of our campfire pow-wow? No, he didn’t heal my wife’s asthma (or even offer). But he did give me two copies of his most recent book on using…

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2 Responses to Is it Always God’s Will to Heal?

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks, Hope. Yes, I believe God heals and performs miracles today although I’m skeptical and doubtful of many who claim to be healers.

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    • Hope says:

      I don’t know of anyone in our day who actually has the Gift of healing. (Seen any sick people hoping someone’s shadow would land on them?) However, I have seen dramatic healing during my lifetime and I know that God is well able. I agree with the article in that God is Sovereign and He heals solely according to His own will; not by our level of faith, nor the measure of our sown “seeds”. This author is Benny Hinn’s nephew, and he has my highest respect for teaching straight, biblical truth. I’m sure he could have jumped on the family bandwagon if he had chosen to, and I’m guessing he’s paid a huge price for refusing to compromise. I admire and respect him for that.

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