Musings From Under The Broom Tree

By C. H. Fisher

I sometimes feel like Elijah under the broom tree.  One of my greatest battles is to resist the sense of hopelessness when I make the mistake of thinking that nothing I do matters.  The state of Christianity the religion in the past several months has rapidly deteriorated.   The apostasy is increasing so rapidly that I cannot remain current with the regression unless I spent all my spare time in that endeavor. That would not be spiritually healthy.

I find it extremely frustrating when I attempt to write about it. I know before I begin that most professing Christians will not read what I write. They are too engaged in the world system and too satisfied with religious nominalism to be interested. It is very rare when someone sends me an email or message declaring that my article(s) alerted him or her to the scope and danger of the apostasy. The great majority of the time I’m merely “preaching to the choir.”

I feel like a man pointing to a nuclear waste dump at the edge of town and warning that it needed to be cleaned up. However, the entire populace ignores the warnings and replies that it has not affected them adversely. It will be too late to do anything when they contract cancer or give birth to deformed babies. Likewise, ignoring the consequences of unchecked apostasy to continue on with life as usual is a great and eventually costly mistake.

In fact, we are witnessing the carcinogenesis effects of apostasy in the latest generations. They follow blatant heretics and hirelings such as Rob Bell, Joel Osteen, and Steven Furtuck, and gobble every heresy as if it were essential to their spiritual health. Consequently, those generations are malformed by the laziness, defocus, world-centered, entertainment-minded, religiose, rote and ritualistic, apathy of the older generations…


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