If Americans Hate Donald Trump and Judge Moore, What Then When The Two Witnesses of Revelation Make The Scene?

By The Ignorant Fisherman

Dear friends, I have NEVER seen such a united national and global push against one man in my life via lawless politicians from both political parties, heads of state, the media, Hollywood, the United Nations and Washington D.C. The hatred, rage, violence and abhorrence pouring out from primarily secular western globalist is at a fever pitch! From Trump assassination plays, to daily drive by media slander and character assassinations; from the Kathy Griffin beheading of president Trump – which brought cheers of jubilant joy from far leftist radicals in Hollywood and the drive- by media; to college professors and students across this nation losing their minds in Trump violent rages; from being called a violent racist and the king of anti women rights; to being labeled a greedy slob and pig because he likes ketchup on his well-done steak… there is no depth of low these haters will not go. It should be clear to any observant Born Again believer that someone bigger and more powerful is behind the scenes (Eph. 2:1-2)…

Source: The Ignorant Fisherman

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