Celebrate the Season


My 2014 Christmas miniature display

By Hope Wingo

When I go out on my tract ministry, I don’t try to conceal my mission.   I ask each person, “May I give you a CHRISTIAN tract to read?”  Most accept, some refuse.

Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, I change the face of the tract to reflect our celebration of the Season.  This year in particular, I’ve noticed a profoundly negative response to the name of Jesus being on the outside of the tract.


My Christmas tract

On one occasion, a woman sarcastically blurted “Merry Holiday” as she briskly walked away.  Another threw the tract at my feet after reading “Jesus is the Light of the World” on its cover.  Another returned to argue, “He is not the light of the world… Jesus is dead!”

Having to think back to the time that Christmas was actually a celebration of Christ is a clear reminder that we are truly living in the days of the great “falling away”.

Remember just a few short years ago?  We celebrated Jesus big time!  Lights in every neighborhood proclaimed Jesus Is The Reason…, Christmas carols were sung in every public square, and sweet nativity scenes competed to capture the essence of that Holy night.

We honored Jesus.  And because we honored Him, He joined us in our celebration by filling our hearts with the quietness and the wonder of the Season.  We felt that Heavenly Peace.

Today I’ve chosen to look to our future instead of mourning the loss of our past, and I’ve found myself wondering if those who have gone before us are allowed to “deck the halls” of heaven.  My reasoning?   It was God Himself that mandated the Jewish feasts and holidays. Would He deny His Gentile Bride of our celebration?

Imagine if you can…

Christmas lights reflecting off of pure gold streets. Our Creator’s Tree of Life adorned to the max in honor of the Giver of Life.  The glorious glow of the Crystal Sea in our Season of Celebration!

Or, could it be that Our Heavenly Father keeps it that way all of the time?  A constant, ongoing, everlasting celebration to honor The Light of the World!  Emmanuel, God with man?  Is that the “eye hath not seen” part?

It helps to remember that this world is not our home, nor is our eternal home subjected to political correctness.  It is promised glory.  It is unspeakable joy.  It is holy.  It is always Christmas!

“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” – 1 Corinthians 2:9

Take time this year to imagine what the future holds for those who are “in Christ”.

Be of good cheer. It won’t be long now.

Our soon coming, eternal celebration will not be denied us, nor will it be reduced to “holiday” in the presence of our Savior King, Jesus Christ!



Edited and updated from my original post of 2016


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One Response to Celebrate the Season

  1. Yoseph says:

    Thank you for posting your comment on Terry James’ page recently and for connecting me with the recent conference with JD Farag. Not enough space to emphasize the significance of the message. Blessings. Jesus is coming!

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