We’re Not Going To Win – C.H. Fisher

By C.H. Fisher

Christians that realize the evil faction attacking our nation is growing more powerful and brutal by the day. They are at their wits end about what to do. Some of them have put their hope in President Trump because the alternative is depressing and hopeless. That alternative is to hope that Christianity awakens and becomes a moral force again. Rife with heretics and other charlatans, and inundated with apostasy, it is not likely to occur.

For the ministers labeled “watchmen,” discernment ministers, truth speakers, et cetera, it even gets more stressful. When the watchmen speak, few people are willing to listen. Churches refuse to invite them because they “depress” the congregants. They are pushed so far out of mainstream Christianity that they have no pastorates. It came to mind recently that if the leaders in Christianity opposed the apostasy as they should, many pastors, TV hosts, authors, et al, would be working at menial secular jobs. The majority have never held a secular job and have no skills or qualifications.

There is a small, very loosely connected, army on the Internet who to the best of their abilities are trying to warn the sleepers. They write on Social Media, some of them have blogs or websites, and other ones have managed to get published.  It takes a lot of work and time researching and writing to expose the deep wickedness of any serious deception or developing heresy. They write posts that few people take the time to read. Additionally, the percentage is very small of the ones that read, make a comment, or click “like.” It is a fact in this text-message, Instagram, world that most people will not read anything over two paragraphs.

Adding to the burden is the number of heretic-lovers armed with keyboards, lacking knowledge and discernment, and in most cases deceived or delusional. They attack watchmen…

Source: TruthKeepers

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2 Responses to We’re Not Going To Win – C.H. Fisher

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks, Hope. A lot of truth in that post.

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  2. That was an encouragement, Hope. Thank you for sharing it. We have to remain faithful to the truth of the Word even when nobody listens or takes heed.

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