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Exclusive: ESPN Admits to Watching YOU Through Your TV

Hope’s note:  To those that will hear the warning… Technology, or the increase of knowledge, is just one of major end time signs pointing to the return of Jesus. According to Bible prophecy, that same technology will turn against anyone … Continue reading

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Restrainer Working Overtime

Originally posted on Terry James Prophecy Line:
Over the past year, I have received email castigating me for writing on politics and matters surrounding government and things of the world. The main irritation with me seems to come from those…

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See Something, Say Something

by Hope Wingo Any cautious, self-preserving student of Bible prophecy would choose to remain silent on certain topics for fear of being called a sensationalist. I’m not one of those. I have nothing to lose, and fully convinced that we’re … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Abbas Agrees To Sign “Peace Deal” with Israel!

Hope’s note: Hearing that the Jewish settlements will be allowed to remain in the West Bank lines up perfectly with Bible prophecy. We know that Matthew 24:16 tells the Jews in Judea (currently called the West Bank) to run for their … Continue reading

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